Train With Koach

Train with Koach

My  name is Keith Klebacha and I am a foot soldier of fitness. My mission is to inspire individuals to move and be active.

With a lifetime commitment to being active including certifications in the fitness field, I am confident in my approach to help motivate people on all levels of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As each day passes, I find happiness in knowing that I can make a difference in someone's life by helping them achieve their fitness goals. All that I ask in return is that they take that chance and believe in themselves as well as me.

As a competitive swimmer since the age of 6, his accolades have included competing at the state, national, and Olympic levels. In college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Keith illustrated his strengths not only as a Conference Champion but also as a coach on the swim team. During these experiences he had the opportunity to truly identify those qualities that make up a champion swimmer not only technically but mentally as well.

Adding to his arsenal of skills, Keith has also spent the last 15+ years exploring and fortifying his knowledge in the world of triathlons. Collectively he has competed in over 35 triathlons ranging in size from sprint to Ironman distances. With this experience, he has welcomed the opportunity to not only compete but also coach triathletes of all levels. Currently, Keith holds a USAT Level II certification.

As a NASM CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer) for the past 15 years, Keith has taken pride in helping clients achieve their fitness goals not only on the physical level but on a spiritual one. His areas of specialty include: Triathlon Training, Functional Strength Training, Marathon Training, Swim Instruction, Sport Specific Strength Training, and Lifestyle Management. His philosophy towards fitness: “One’s Fitness equals the balancing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Your Tri Force. It’s only through building this Force will you truly know your Self”-Coach K.

Keith was born in Lexington, OH and has been living in Chicago for the past 19 years. He finished his 2014 summer season with strong performances in all his races including the American Triple T and Ironman Canada.

Coach K Named among Top 50 Athletes at UIC

Coach K in his younger days as a college swimmer at UIC on the podium 100 free!

Coach K in his younger days as a college swimmer at UIC on the podium 100 free!

In February 2015, Coach K was named as one of the 50 Fantastic Flames, the top male and female athletes at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The 50 male and 51 female athletes (there was a tie for 50th spot) were decided solely by the fans through an online voting campaign, with more than 3,500 participants over the 50 days of voting.


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